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Brow Touchup (Microblading or Ombré) Houston 

Eyebrows completely change the look of a face. Perfectly done eyebrows often help to ignore minor flaws like small eyes or eyes that are too far apart. Nicely shaped, thick, and full eyebrows accentuate the overall look of a woman.

There would rarely be any woman in the world who would not love to have a good look at herself in the mirror and also get compliments from others, and with stunning eyebrows, this experience becomes all the more enriching.

But not all women are blessed with such amazing eyebrows that can be flaunted without any makeup. Often, women spend extravagantly on eyebrow-enhancing makeup products and spend hours making them. And still, they do not get the desired luscious eyebrows, which is no less than a nightmare.

Not to worry, because, with BEAT AND BLADE, you can save money while getting beautiful brows with procedures like microblading or ombre brow. Here we assure you of quality services.

Microblading is a process where hair like strokes in the form of small incisions are made manually using a hand-held device consisting of needles. It gives natural looking brows.

On the other hand, ombre brow is a process where tiny dots are used to pigment the skin and give a powdery look to the eyebrows.

Once done, these procedures are semi-permanent and require a timely touch-up after they start to fade out.


Not to worry we have the ANNUAL BROW TOUCHUP service for the same. It is a one-time maintenance service to the already existing microblading/shading or ombre brow procedure.

Please note: Old tattoos or previous microblading done elsewhere could require a Brow Color Correction session and will be subject to $160 if needed before a Touchup. Please consult before booking at (832)377-5677.

For Annual Brow Touchup Service in Houston, Locate our address in bottom of the page.

Also Check Our Service: Brow Color Correction Only

Cancellation Policy


Only the person scheduled and being treated is allowed in the studio treatment space; and as much as we love children, they are not permitted onsite. All appointment cancellations must be made via phone or text to (832) 377-5677.  If you cancel or miss an appointment, the booking deposit will be forfeited.  Clients seeking to reschedule, may do so within 24 hours of their confirmed appointment.  Services will be rescheduled upon availability. All sales are final. Late Arrivals: We ask that our clients arrive promptly for their scheduled appointment to ensure the efficiency for quality results. While there is no fee for late arrivals, the length of the appointment may be reduced due to time restraints.  Although we strive to accommodate our clients, they may be asked to reschedule if the established schedule does not permit. 


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