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Frequently Asked Questions

Micropigmentation or Microblading 

Pre Care Instructions


Avoid the following activities or intake 24 hours before your scheduled procedure:

  • Working out

  • Alcohol or caffeine consumption

  • Direct sun and tanning

  • Aspirin, Niacin, fish or omega oil, Vitamin E, or Advil/Ibuprofen

  • Waxing, threading, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels

  • Retin-A, Glycolic Acid, and AHA


Post Care Instructions

  • No touching. You do not want to get any potential bacteria that may be on your hands or fingers to get into your healing brows. This could cause potential infection.


  • Do not get your brows wet for 7 days. Be sure to wash your face carefully around the eyebrow without getting water on the treated area. If you feel dust or discomfort on the treated area, wipe it gently with an alcohol wipe.


  • No rubbing or picking the treated area. As your new brows heal, you may notice some flaking of your skin. This is completely normal. Picking at your newly treated brows may result is unwanted gaps that may have otherwise not happened.


  • For the first 7 days, keep a thin layer of ointment on your brows to keep them moist. Use a clean Q-Tip to apply as fingers may have bacteria that could cause infection. Once or twice a day should suffice.


  • Avoid prolonged direct sunlight, tanning beds, excessive sweating, and makeup in the brow area for at least 10 days. If you have to be in the sun, please wear a cap to protect your new brows.

After the procedure, the area treated will be darker and more intense; this is normal. This will last a few days until the skin heals, peels, and naturally exfoliates as the true color emerges.


During the healing process, you may develop dry, flaky and/or itchy skin around the treated area. This is completely normal. It is important not to rub, pick or scratch this area.


It is also important to note that even with proper aftercare, your brows can result in patches or fading spots. This is also completely normal as your body is trying to recover and reject this foreign object from your face. Your six week complimentary touch up is intended for the replacement of  any hair stokes lost during your initial healing process.


There are a few factors that determine how your body heals such as age, skin type, and lifestyle. However, the typical healing time ranges between 4-6 weeks.

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