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Scalp Micropigmentation SMP  Training Houston 

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical cosmetic tattoo procedure where natural pigment is applied to the epidermal layer of the Scalp via a needle for hair restoration, which creates the illusion of fuller hair. We offer Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Houston at a reasonable cost and are committed to delivering the best results. 


Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment


Scalp Micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that helps patients get the replica of natural hair follicles. The needle is used to apply the natural pigment in the epidermal layer of your scalp region. By doing this process, patients will get a dense hair-like appearance in the scalp region. This treatment occurs in the head where there's no hair available in the Scalp Region. Also, this treatment doesn't bring back your lost hair but gives others the impression of hair. When you look in the mirror after Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Training, you will regain your beautiful and charismatic look.


Micro-pigmentation suits men and women of all ages. Also, skin type is not on the checklist, so you can visit the center to undergo this procedure with any skin type. Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Houston is for you if you've been suffering from hair loss for a long time. Micropigmentation treatment is the same for the eyebrows and scalp region, but this process takes longer as the scalp area is larger compared to the Eyebrows.


What's the Treatment process?


When you enter the center for the treatment, a Scalp Micropigmentation specialist will apply a topical numbing agent. This solution will bring some discomfort, but it depends upon the tolerance you show against the pain. It would be good to control the pain for some time to get the best results. Also, always choose the best center like Beat & Blade for Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Houston because only the experts can complete this entire process with 100% success. 


  • Before you appear for the Hair Loss Treatment, shower well, after each appointment, doctors will advise you not to take the scalp bath for no more than four days.

  • Each session takes around 3-4 hours and varies based on the Scalp volume.

  • If you attend all the sessions for the Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Training, you will get great results within weeks. As this method involves layering color to the Scalp region, every patient should cooperate well with the staff for a quick recovery.


What should be avoided during SMP treatment?


  • As you're treating the scalp with the micro-pigmentation procedure, avoid going swimming unless your treatment gets completed. Instead, you can take a steam bath in your room showers.

  • Always wear a hat whenever you expose your head to the Sun. Harmful Ultra-Violet rays can damage the treated areas for better results for the first five days. After a few days, expose the scalp for 45 minutes if you're a fair-skinned person.

  • If you keep your treated areas away from sun exposure, the treatment and its positive effects will last longer.


For Scalp Micropigmentation SMP training in Houston Locate our address/phone number at bottom of the page. Do not worry about the treatment as all our experts receive Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Training and with the experience they have, they assure to do their best.


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Cancellation Policy


Only the person scheduled and being treated is allowed in the studio treatment space, and as much as we love children, they are not permitted on site. All appointment cancellations must be made via phone or text to (832) 377-5677. The booking deposit will be forfeited if you cancel or miss an appointment. Clients seeking to reschedule may do so within 24 hours of their confirmed appointment. Services will be rescheduled upon availability. All sales are final. Late Arrivals: We ask that our clients arrive promptly for their scheduled appointment to ensure the efficiency of quality results. While there is no fee for late arrivals, the appointment length may be reduced due to time restraints. Although we strive to accommodate our clients, they may be asked to reschedule if the established schedule does not permit it. 

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