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What You Should Know About Bridal Makeup?

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Not every bride desires to have her face painted on by a makeup professional. Nobody is more familiar with your face's contours, skin texture, or how makeup tends to adhere to your face than you are. In light of this, it's understandable that you would want to control how you appear on your special day.

Doing your own makeup simply requires careful planning and some practice

to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible on the big day, as with anything

Bridal-related. For expert advice on DIY Bridal makeup, scroll down to the bottom of

the page.

Consider the following eight professional makeup recommendations.

Run a test.

On the day of the event, select moisturizing, illuminating skincare products that are

lightweight and won't leave your skin too slippery so that your makeup won't adhere,

advises Porcia. For that sought lit-from-within glow, dab a little Hourglass Vanish Flash

Highlighting Stick just on the cheeks and temples. Avoid adding shine to the T-zone,

forehead's center, and cheeks since they will appear too glossy in flash photography.

Do two or three runs through instead of just one.

Remain Honest

Trends come and go, but the photos from your wedding day will be with

you always. Stay away from trends and put your effort into looking the greatest version

of yourself, unless it's completely against your personality. With basic Bridal Makeup, your goal should be to highlight your best qualities.

Adopt the Proper SPF

SPF can have an impact on how photos turn out, but it's a requirement if you're being

married on the beach or in the height of summer, says Porcia. Try out a couple of

different sunscreens in the weeks before your big day to avoid

choosing one that will leave a white cast in your photographs.

Think About the Weather

You probably planned your outfit based on the weather, whether it be a dress or a suit.

In deciding how much makeup to wear and what kind, you should also

take the weather into account. You won't be able to wear as much makeup if the

ceremony is lengthy and outside in the middle of the summer since it will melt off faster

than if it were indoors during the winter. In either case, keep a primer and setting powder nearby.

Compliment Your Complexion

Make sure to carefully blend your bronzer and match your face, neck, and shoulders.

Use a foundation that compliments your tanned skin if you're going to wear a spray tan

on your special day, Porcia suggests. Also, make sure you've tried the spray tan before.

Assess Your Skin

Don't automatically assume that makeup can hide any flaws. Approach this procedure

as if you don't plan to wear foundation at all. Set up your skincare regimen months

before your wedding day and stick with it. A mask now and then is acceptable,

but the canvas must be constant if you want your Bridal Makeup application to be uniform.

Moisturizer that will control excessive shine on your big day is necessary. "To reduce shine all day, use a moisturizer with a matte finish." The $30 Embryolisse Hydra Mat Emulsion is suggested. "It's light, non-greasy composition hydrates your skin and keeps you looking flawless all day.

Consider Color Correcting

Porcia advises "neutralizing any uneven color on the eyelids." "To brighten, use a color

corrector or concealer that is a touch lighter. In addition to serving as a Bridal Eye

Makeup, your eye base should make your eyeshadow waterproof and more durable.

For fair skin, a white shade should be used, bone for medium skin, banana or taupe for

dark skin. The goal is to neutralize and brighten your eyelids, although it takes some

trial and error. For this, we're major fans of MAC's Pro Longwear Paint Pots.

Remember Eyebrows Are A Game Changer

"It depends on choice, but at Beat & Blade, we advise using either gel or pencil to fill in

your Bridal Eye Makeup. A pencil may provide depth and shade for a more groomed

brow look, while a colored gel will aid in shaping and grooming "Porcia says. Go with

what you think will look good and age well when it comes to how filled-in your eyebrows

should be. Ultimately, it is highly recommended that you have your brows perfected months before your wedding day by getting Microblading or Ombre Powder Brows by Beat & Blade to prevent any smudging or brow pencil mishaps.

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