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How Effective Is Teeth Whitening?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Teeth Whitening has been quite a controversial topic within the dentistry world. It is one of the popular services that is offered by a large number of professionals, especially in cosmetic dentistry. However, some people see it as one of the potential health hazards if it’s done incorrectly or too often. Unfortunately, it is a service offered by many non-professionals that are not qualified to carry out the procedure. Not to mention the misinformation displayed throughout the internet. This makes it quite difficult for assessing a client that may become interested in teeth whitening Houston. That is why it is important to perform the necessary research to become more knowledgeable before completing the procedure. See some examples below.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Kits

If one quickly searches for teeth whitening Houston online, there will be many DIY kits that are meant to be used at home after purchase. Some of the reviews are quite glowing. However, many of these offered products can be dangerous as they are not properly tested. Even if the products work, they can be harmful in the hands of an inexperienced user that does not follow instructions carefully. This is where negativity arises about teeth whitening Houston. There have been an abundance of consumers purchasing DIY kits that are lackluster in performance. This leads to countless complaints online.

Teeth Whitening Houston - Professional Treatment

Apart from the above, there is the option to receive teeth whitening Houston from dental and licensed experts. These are qualified experts that you can book with immediately.

Note:- Make sure you stay clear of non-qualified or licensed professionals. Dentists know this procedure and will safely guide patients from start to finish, which will include pertinent information in order to bring comfort to their patients. This is not the same as DIY Kits. For safety purposes, it is important to always contact a licensed technician or professional for this treatment and follow all guidelines carefully.

How Often Is Too Often With Teeth Whitening?

The frequency at which you should get your teeth whitened depends on several factors, such as the type of teeth whitening treatment you choose, the condition of your teeth and gums, and your desired level of whiteness. In general, professional Teeth Whitening Houston treatments can last anywhere from several months to a couple of years, depending on your lifestyle and oral hygiene habits. Some dentists recommend getting touch-up treatments every six months to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. It’s best to consult with your dentist or licensed technician to determine a whitening schedule that is appropriate for you.

Choose Beat & Blade For Your Next Session Of Teeth Whitening Houston

Beat & Blade is your one-stop shop for various image enhancement services for both men and women. Our licensed professionals are driven by inspiration and extremely passionate about their work. Because of their dedication and hard work, we offer efficient, safe, and natural teeth whitening services for our clients. Our licensed technicians use cutting-edge techniques that will create amazing results. We look forward to serving you at Beat & Blade. Thank you!

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