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Microblading Brow Training Houston

Be the first to learn Microshading, Microblading brows & More in our 3-day hands-on brow training program.

Blade & Shadow training has become popular, so we're here to give the proper training courses for all. People now prefer to choose the Eyebrow enhancement using the Microblading procedure and do not show much interest in the harmful tattooing. Being the number #1 training center in Houston, we help you get expert knowledge in the Blade & Shadow training. Get the certification for the Microblading courses and make your beauty cabinet today. As it's a high-paying job, joining the course would be the best decision you could take in 2022.


What is Blade & Shadow Training?


Blade & Shadow treatment using Microblading technology is greatly helping the people to get the desired look. With the Microblading procedure's help, eyebrows start to look more beautiful and give out an enhanced look all day. It's a non-invasive procedure that helps everyone get the 3D shape in their Eyebrows. We use the pen-like tool to execute the beauty practice. The needle is inserted with the tool to bring the 3D shape of the Eyebrows. Long-lasting eyebrows are only semi-permanent, so you can come back up for another session in the future to change the look. For more about the microblading brow training please contact us.

Benefits of 3-Day Blade & Shade Brow Training


  • A Microblading course will offer you the chance to explore the innovative technology available in the treatment market. Also, the training certification helps you get more customers for the services. When searching for a job, you can easily put yourself as a Microblading brow training expert in any beauty salon. 


  • The biggest benefit of a training session is that every trainee will learn how to make the procedure painless for the clients. If you can offer easy and cost-effective services, that will open up the gate to getting more clients in the future.


  • In the day-to-day market, trends in the beauty and cosmetics field change frequently. To know what type of eyebrow procedures attract the clients, you must undergo training for three days. Upon completing the training, you can give your clients the best final results, and they will be happy to get what they've been dreaming of.


  • Additionally, Microblading training saves you valuable time. If you choose to practice without training, you can't succeed. Also, your valuable clients will not visit back. Upon completing the course with the help of experts, you can give your clients the simple astonishing 3D Eyebrows at an affordable cost. 


What's Included in this course?


  • Lunch Each Day

  • Comprehensive Manual

  • Bloodborne Pathogen, Safety & Sanitation

  • Regulations, Licensing & Insurance

  • Business Formation & Marketing

  • Full Kit & Machine

  • Skin Anatomy & Type

  • Needles, Depth & Precision

  • Color Theory & Selection

  • Efficient Brow Mapping

  • Both Blade & Shade Techniques

  • Aesthetics & Photo Taking/Editing

  • Live Model

  • Client Consent Forms & Aftercare Instructions

  • Continued Support

  • Certification Of Completion


All deposits are non-refundable. The deposit will be applied to the remaining balance and due in the form of cash or Zelle on the first day of training. Microblading Brow Training location and time will be specified upon booking. All students will be contacted one week before their training date for further instructions. Please contact (832) 377-5677 for any additional questions.


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Cancellation Policy


Only the person scheduled and being treated is allowed in the studio treatment space; and as much as we love children, they are not permitted onsite. All appointment cancellations must be made via phone or text to (832) 377-5677.  If you cancel or miss an appointment, the booking deposit will be forfeited.  Clients seeking to reschedule, may do so within 24 hours of their confirmed appointment.  Services will be rescheduled upon availability. All sales are final.


Late Arrivals: We ask that our clients arrive promptly for their scheduled appointment to ensure the efficiency for quality results. While there is no fee for late arrivals, the length of the appointment may be reduced due to time restraints.  Although we strive to accommodate our clients, they may be asked to reschedule if the established schedule does not permit. 

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